Cancellation policy

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority at National Hero. Our service quality is guaranteed. You may cancel your order, for any reason, however, a refund will not be issued as fees are paid to cover all admin costs, not for the membership card.

 When cancellation is requested, it will stop the yearly renewal of your membership and recurring payment will not be taken. when membership is canceled during the term of membership (1 or 2 years) they will be able to continue using services until the end of their membership term (date stated on their free membership card) as refunds are not issued as they are to cover admin costs.

All information stored will be destroyed once membership comes to an end (and not renewed). If membership is canceled and they wish to sign up again they will need to provide all necessary documents again.


Process of Acquiring Membership Card

A membership card will be sent within 7-10 business days after payment is made. However, members can use services right away even without receiving their free membership card


We are here to help! Please do not hesitate to submit a complaint if you have problems with your order. Contact our customer service team by sending an email or contact us via 00971 4228 5285 if you have further questions.


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