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National Hero, are a company whose vision is to support essential workers within our community. Our dream is to recognise and not forget these heroes, for the critical support they provided us during tough times and continue to provide us with. Our National Hero card is tailored to provide offers and discounts to essential workers, some of whom are listed below -

When the world came to a halt these National Heroes kept our nation moving, and like the great Sheikh Zayed once said ‘’he who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn’’

hundreds of offers

best offers in uae

We have over 500 offers throughout the UAE and internationally. These offers can be used an unlimited amount of times during your annual membership, both online and instore partners.

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Easy to use

Once you become a National Hero and receive your unique membership card, all you have to do is present your card to our partners upon checkout to avail your discount.

hand picked partners

hand picked

We do not simply partner with everyone who approaches us, instead we hand pick our partners or ensure our members receive the best offers and quality of service.

Our Online Partners

We have partnered with renowned names in the industry.

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